About Me

Raised in Corona, California, Devyn discovered her passion for performing arts at a very early age; she wrote and performed her first small play when she was in first grade. While other children were rioting and looting, Devyn set herself up with a radio/cassette player and microphone, and recorded her own radio shows in her room. She started taking acting lessons when she was about eight years old; one of her favorite teachers is accredited Efren Ramirez of Napoleon Dynamite. Years and liters of black eyeliner later, Devyn moved from the slow, comfortable life in the suburbs to the fast and entertaining chaos that is Hollywood. It is here that she plans to build her already budding career as an actress. Devyn’s two greatest influences are classic film icon, Marilyn Monroe, and mother of the modern burlesque movement, Dita Von Teese. When she is not vivaciously lighting up the silver screen, Devyn can be found singing musical theatre or death metal, pole dancing, screenwriting, crowdsurfing at a concert, or cuddling her ball python.